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The Harrowing - This event presents the Haunted Zyra and Officer Vi with new spell effects and terrifying vision. For 640 RP you can get the limited edition of five new ward skins. The Widow Ward is just amazing. You have less than 48 hours until the end of season 3. This is your last chance to get rewards for end of the season - Victorious Ward for silver tier or Elise skin for gold. Be the best player of League of Legends, be victorious.

Abyssal League of Legends Hack (4.2 Skarner / Xerath)

Abyssal LoL
This is the home page of Abyssal LoL Hack v1. To find out from where to download and how to use it read below.

Basic functionality

Future releases

Installation process

Download links

Before installing the launcher is very important to have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5+ Please do not use in Abyssal in Ranked Games. It can only be downloaded from this site, all other copies are broken or dangerous.
Once you successfully download it, extract it and launch the Launcher. It will make a torrent connection to our server and will download the hack. Good luck and let your opinion in facebook to allow us to improve.

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